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Composite Doors Glasgow: the very latest in quality external doors

Composite Doors offer a superb combination of style, security and value for money

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Enviro offers a range of the latest GRP Composite Doors in a wide selection of the very latest designs, colours and finishes. A brilliant addition to any home.

Our incredible Composite Door is a masterpiece of modern manufacturing. The materials used in the construction of the door have been individually tested to ensure long-term performance.

The use of a triple seal coupled with an effective threshold ensures exceptional weather performance and combined with its solid polyurethane core, excellent energy insulation properties.

Security features include laminated glass, a multipoint locking system, dog bolt hinges, cylinder guard, tough polyurethane core, reinforced with unique steel mesh, all as standard with other features as options.

composite door mesh

The specially formulated Glass Reinforced Polymer and thermoplastic skin materials have been developed to promote UV stability, high thermal shock, and scratch resistance, providing an effective barrier for the door.


The Composite door surfaces are manufactured from Gel- Coated Glass Reinforced Plastics or from High Performing Thermoplastics. These skins are bonded to an internal frame that combines a BBA-approved laminated engineered timber with a specially designed thermoplastic edge.
The core is high-density polyurethane foam (CFC & HFC free, ozone depletion potential zero).

Unbeatable strength

Finally, a unique steel mesh is incorporated into the door giving provision for enhanced security. This door is unique to Enviro and there is no stronger door available anywhere in Scotland.

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We have hundreds of stunning styles, colours, and finishes

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Design features include:

• Flush fit with triple seal and integral spacer bar for improved insulation
• ‘U’ value of 1.oW20c achieved which is 3 times greater than a timber door
• Three high-security dog bolt hinges
• Laminated quadruple glazed glass
• The only door available in Scotland with a steel mesh embedded into the polyurethane core
• Cylinder guard and door security bar as standard

Rigorously tested and fully approved to the highest standard ISO 9001:2008 by GBW Panels. As one would expect, such a product has been manufactured under the British Standard quality assurance system.

The door has been externally tested and has passed the general performance requirement for door assemblies as required under PAS23-1 – 1995 (including annex D covering thermal cyclic tests) and PAS 24, enhanced security performance. It also conforms to BSI KM506343 as supplied by GBW.

Sealed glazing units have been manufactured to the European Standard of EN1279 using toughened glass.

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3 years interest free credit offer

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