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It’s what the building trade and homeowners have been waiting, for and it’s available at Enviro.

A revolution in Extension and Conservatory construction​

Five times more energy efficient and five times faster to build, hup! is next generation construction that's available now!

Imagine that you could build a conservatory or extension that’s significantly more energy efficient than the rest of your house.

Imagine that instead of construction taking weeks as it would with a normal extension, it only took 4 days to be completely finished.

Imagine that it costs around 60% of the cost of a normal extension and would be cheaper to heat for the entire lifetime of the construction (which is at least 60 years or similar to traditional construction).

Well, you no longer need to imagine. The hup! is here and is available now at Enviro. It’s a complete game-changer for domestic construction projects such as conservatories, extensions and garden rooms.

With a wide range of external designs and finishes to choose from, hup! is the most cost-effective, energy-efficient, stylish and convenient way to add space to your home. Visit our showroom and see it for yourself.


The revolutionary way to build a full extension in only 4 days!

It’s what the building trade and homeowners have been waiting for and it’s available only at Enviro. hup! is next generation construction and it’s available now!

5x more energy efficient

Incredibly energy efficient design means you’ll save big and waste less

5x faster to build

Save weeks of construction time and build in any weather with a lot less mess

Brilliant Design Flexibility

Flat, sloped or vaulted ceilings, any wall finish, any window & door position

Fantastic Quality of Finish

Factory constructed panels for incredible precision and quality control

Kinder to the planet too

60% more carbon efficient compared to brick. Reuse existing basework

hup! Conservatory Conversions

You can transform any conservatory into a proper extension in only a few days. Whatsmore, the cost of doing it will be more than made up by the increase in the value of your home as it will now have a proper, permanent extension. And your heating bills will be slashed, the hup! construction is SO much more energy efficient than any conservatory.

The extension can use your existing basework which reduces cost and makes the process even faster and more efficient. By transforming your conservatory into a hup! extension the value of you home with rise significantly and should offset the cost of the build.

hup! Extensions

Say goodbye to living in a construction site for weeks while builders toil in all weathers to build your expensive extension. hup! is delivered by lorry in pre-built sections that just need to be connected together. Superbly engineered and built in controlled factory conditions, the panels fit together perfectly with a level of precision that no domestic builder could achieve. Panels are super insulated and everything bonds together tightly to ensure unmatched levels of insulation and weather resistance.

The latest doors and windows offer the very highest levels of security and energy efficiency.

Watch the video: See how hup! works

Groundbreaking technology is at the heart of the hup! building system

Ultra-precise engineering ensures flawless construction. hup! boasts exceptional durability, remarkable energy efficiency, and construction speeds that are five times faster than traditional brick-and-mortar methods. Regardless of weather conditions, hup! can be erected without the need for on-site cement. With minimal mess and no weather-related setbacks, it’s no surprise that hup! is transforming the landscape of home extensions.

Groundbreaking Ultrapanel technology

This innovative technology merges the strengths of timber and steel framing construction methods, offering outstanding insulation capabilities. Achieving U-Values of 0.17, far surpassing Building Regulation standards, a hup! extension proves to be five times more energy-efficient than the typical UK household.

Incredibly strong i-beam structure

The robust i-beam structure of hup! is exceptionally sturdy. With wall panels 68% stronger than traditional brick walls, this strength is achieved through the rapid interlocking of panels, forming a formidable i-beam framework across your hup! extension.

Rapid connection details

hup!’s precise millimeter engineering and patented connections for walls and roofs guarantees flawless construction without any cold spots. The quick clip-fit design of these ingenious connections on both the roof and walls enables a hup! extension to be erected five times faster than conventional builds.

hup! is endorsed by UK Housebuilders

The Ultrapanel technology integrated into hup! has been embraced by prominent UK housebuilders for constructing new residences.

Every building component employed in new home construction requires approval from the NHBC, the insurance provider for all new homes. Consequently, hup! technology has undergone rigorous evaluation and accreditation by both the BBA and the NHBC.

hup! is a registered trademark of Ultraframe (UK) Ltd.