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Integrated Window Blinds – custom-fitted slimline venetian or pleated blinds

Integrated blinds that are both super-stylish and elegant, and they never need to be cleaned. Ever.

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Incredibly stylish and practical, Enviro Integrated Window Blinds are highly advanced, hygienic window blinds that never get dirty or collect dust.

Integrated blinds look great and they stay that way too! As they are installed in the vacuum in-between the panes of glass of your windows which means they never get dirty or dusty and small kids or pets can’t bend or break them (and few things looks worse than Venetian style blind that’s bent or twisted).

child at blindsThey are built with a patented magnetic drive system which enables them to be sealed within double or triple glazed units without compromising the integrity of the hermetic seal. This hermetic seal ensures that air and moisture cannot enter inside the unit once it is sealed and so the longevity of the double glazing and the blinds is assured.

They can be manually controlled, opening and closing using a super-smooth magnetic control system, or you can specify them with an electric remote control. The only power they require is provided by an electric motor charged via a very small solar panel on the unit. All of your blinds can be operated at the same time via the remote control which is both incredibly convenient and quite impressive to see in action!

Enviro integrated blinds are available in a selection of colours too and can even be fitted to your existing window frames. They fit all windows, doors, and french or patio doors. Whether your windows are the up and over type, sliding windows or casement windows made of wood, aluminium, or uPVC the Enviro integrated blind system can be fitted.

Venetian or Pleated Blinds
You don’t have to stick to traditional Venetian-style blinds. Enviro integrated blinds can be specified with pleased fabric instead. There’s a choice of 19 different materials to choose from so you’re bound to find the perfect style to suit your home.

Integrated blinds really do add a touch of class to your windows and doors. Always clean. Always perfect. Super easy to use and with no visible cords they look really sleek and modern and don’t get blown about when you leave the windows open on a hot summer day. You’ll never look at traditional blinds again.

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Why choose Enviro Integrated Blinds?

• Your blinds are clean and look brand new for life – they’re completely maintenance-free!

• There’s no risk of damage to the blinds as they are kept securely between 2 panes of strong glass

• They’re designed to have a long life and are constructed from the best quality components

• They offer excellent control of light entering the room

• Clutter-free! There’s no unsightly cords or controls on display

• Great for allergies as dust can’t collect on the blinds

• Can be specified with a remote control that uses a small solar panel for power so that they don’t even require to be connected to the mains or battery power. Really convenient.

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