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Quadruple Glazing Glasgow: the first quadruple glazing system in the UK

We only install extremely energy efficient A+Rated Double Glazing. You won’t get a better window.

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The Quattro window quadruple glazing system. Exclusive to Enviro, the Quattro offers unbeatable energy efficiency

The exclusive new Quattro Window – an amazingly energy efficient quadruple glazed window system – save BIG on your bills with quadruple glazing. Scotland’s best window – designed and manufactured by Enviro and is exclusive to Enviro.

Our new Quattro Window which has four high performance panes of glass is set to revolutionise the window industry in Scotland and the UK. It possesses quite amazing thermal qualities and tests have shown it is actually as effective at keeping out the cold as a standard house wall! Installing a window system as energy efficient as this means that you will save a lot of money on your heating bills over the lifetime of the system.

The Quattro Window also has fantastic sound deadening properties, ideal if you live on a busy road and are often annoyed by the sound of passing traffic. Quadruple glazing is the future and Enviro is the first company in the UK to offer cost effective 0.35 U-Value quadruple glazing for sale to the public.

But don’t just take our word for it, the text below is from Rod Appleyard who is a a fenestration expert and qualified thermographer with many years experience in the industry and dispute resolution. He is a Chartered Building Surveyor, Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. He practices as an Adjudicator and Arbitrator along with his work as an independent expert surveyor to the fenestration industry.


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All good things come in fours – Quadruple Glazing!

Report by Glazing Expert Rod Appleyard

As I have said before just because there is a recession does not mean that people are sitting around doing nothing. Quite the reverse just look at the press, this is reinforced by what is happening across the whole of the construction industry there is a huge amount of R&D going on and none more than the fenestration industry.

The most notable new innovation is triple glazed units which have now well and truly arrived, but that is not the end of the story.

There is a new kid on the block and it is going to make a huge difference. More efficient than a house wall, acoustically unbelievable and, to cap it all, can give up to a ‘U’ value of 0.4W/m2K value. You think this is a flight of fancy – well read on.

Over the last few months I have been carrying out my own research with the help of CERTASS and Enviro Windows in Scotland. To both of them I am deeply indebted.

The following is the result of initial field tests carried out in the only cool part of Scotland at the beginning of October.

This study was carried out using known products available within the UK and all temperatures were identified using calibrated equipment etc and all thermal identification was made using a FLIR latest top of the range thermal imaging camera the mighty Txx640.

Quattro. A better, more efficient window system.

As it stands at the moment, it is plausible to draw the conclusion that in this configuration using Argon gas a ‘U’ value of 0.35W/m2K is attainable and with further testing even possibly 0.3W/m2K.

secure-by-designSo what does this all mean? It means that the average house heating bill is approximately £1350.00 per year (official government figures release 14th October 2011) this could potentially save £418.50 per year on current prices. Ten years saves a massive £4185.00 on current prices. On this point alone given that the figures of fuel costs are as of today’s cost, there is only one thing that is certain the savings will only increase per year and will become greater. As heating prices increase year on year so the percentage converted to real terms i.e. money will increase.

The Positive Issues

• Reduction in the carbon footprint of structure.

• Is capable of being installed in current sections with minimal re-tooling.

• Can be retro fitted to existing frames in certain conditions.

If you want the most efficient window on the market both for energy efficiency and sound insulation you have to look at the Quattro Window from Enviro. Why not give us a call?

Heat Loss Thermal Testing

Quadruple Glazing Heat MapHouse 1
Specification and Parameters:
Cloud base low and without break, air temp 19.5c, wind speed 1.4mph
Internal temperature 25c (lounge radiator located under window)
Double glazed unit 4mm Pilkington K/16mm air/4mm float, external surface temp 23c, house wall temp 18.7c.
Conclusion House 1: not bad but not good. This unit relies upon radiation gain to give it the thermal insulation qualities.

Quadruple Glazing Heat Map 2House 2
Cloud base low and without break, air temp 19.5c, wind speed 1.4mph
Internal temperature 25c (lounge radiator located under window)
Double glazed unit 4mm Planibel A /16mm air with argon/ 4mm float, external surface temp 20.7c, house wall temp 18.7c.
Conclusion House 2: not bad, getting better. We now have a 2.3c drop in temperature from inside to outside. This is how much difference gas makes to a unit.

Quadruple Glazing Heat Map 3House 3
Cloud base low and without break, air temp 19.5c, wind speed 1.4mph
Internal temperature 25c (lounge radiators located under windows)
It is to be noted that this house not only had been subject to cavity wall insulation but also insulation containing properties type render.
Triple glazed unit 4mm Planibel A /8mm air with Krypton gas/4mm Planibel A/8mm air with Krypton gas/4mm float, external surface temp 18.6c, house wall temp 18.7c.

From a starting point of 23c it can be seen that the benefits are between 20% and 25% if this is then transposed to cost of energy. House one could save up to 25% by installing triple glazing with Krypton gas.

Quadruple Glazing Heat Map 4House 3 is not bad but we had further to go.
Having now identified the graduation and the differentials that each variation of the insulating unit gave, it was now part of the experiment to identify if this reduction would be as profound with quadruple glass as found in the previous configurations.

To achieve this, a bottom pane was removed from one window in house 3 and it was re-glazed with a quadruple unit. The room was allowed to build back up to the required heat of 25c and the unit was allowed a period of time to absorb room heat (1hr). The frame into which the glass was installed was a Rehau 702 section with alternative beads used. This ensured that as near as possible a real-world scenario was in place. Having set the test unit in place and allowed environmental impact to level off, the glass was tested in the same manner.

The technical makeup of the glass was: 3mm Planibel A/8mm air with Argon/3mm Planibel A/8mm air with Argon/3mm Planibel A/8mm air with Argon/3mm float. As can be seen this not only has bulk but also weight, of which I shall discuss later.

What did the thermal camera tell us? The figures speak for themselves, a surface temp of 17.7c was shown and at one point this dipped to 16.2c. Undoubtedly this showed a significant difference from House 1 and this would reflect in a possible saving of up to 31% on energy costs by cutting heat loss through the glass as opposed with a normal double glazed unit.

Quadruple Glazing Heat Map chartConclusion:
If it is taken that the higher figure displayed by the camera is to be considered the figure to work with, then a possible saving could be made of up to 49%. It needs to be remembered that the Quattro unit only had argon gas as opposed to the rest of the house which had the triple unit with Krypton gas. Given the temperatures recorded on other configurations. It is more than reasonable to make the assumption that with Krypton gas the 17.7c would drop to 16c and possibly below.

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