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Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and Turn windows offer a practical and modern glazing solution. They make it really easy to open windows for ventilation and cleaning and have a modern, minimalist profile.

Tilt and Turn windows were originally developed in Scandinavia where their excellent weather-proofing and security options proved to be popular. They are popular across all of Europe for these reasons too.

A Tilt and Turn window opens inwards and can open in two ways. Turn the handle 90 degrees and the window can be opened fully inwards (like a door) which is excellent for cleaning inside and out. Turn the handle 180 degrees and the window opens from the bottom again inwards for ventilation. This lets air in but the opening is never big enough for someone to fit through so they are excellent from a security point of view.

Tilt and Turn windows generally have better air seals than other window types. When combined with our energy-efficient frames and glass this makes for unbeatable efficiency.

Perfect for homes with small children
As you can open the window for ventilation (great on a hot summer night) but restrict the opening amount, Tilt and Turn windows are particularly suited to homes with young children and they can’t easily climb out or trap their fingers. As you can fully open the window by rotating the handle they are ideal should you need to evacuate the room in an emergency.

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