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Triple glazing. A-rated with a 0.8 U-Value. Super strong frames and great prices – you won’t buy better in Scotland.

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We can announce that Enviro can now offer A-Rated 0.8U-Value Triple Glazing. It’s the first Rehau triple glazing to achieve an A-Rating in the UK and is available for only a very small premium over our A-Rated double glazing.

Our Triple Glazing units offer a middle pane of Diamante glass which resists a major problem common to other triple glazed units, that of seeing triple reflections in the glass. For example, with other units you will often see 3 moons at night when you look out as the third pain of glass causes visual distortion. The Diamante glass in the middle of our units solves this problem. And other triple glazing units use Argon gas for insulation, but ours use the superior Krypton gas to give even better insulation.

Ask the competition if they have a certificate to prove that their windows are A-Rated. Ours are, they have been fully tested, and every window carries a registration number to prove it’s a genuine 0.8U-Value A-Rated window (useful to be able to prove if you are ever selling your home).

The first person to receive our new Triple Glazing units was Mrs Lyle of Paisley (images and more information to follow) who said “the weather has been really cold yet my house has never been as warm. I’m absolutely delighted. Also, the soundproofing is fantastic, I just can’t hear people shouting outside until I open the window!”.

Find out more about our fantastic new triple glazed windows by visiting our Window and Conservatory Village in Clydebank, Glasgow or by calling 0844 871 5576.

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