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Quality Bi-fold Doors Glasgow: brilliant bi-fold doors for every budget

Stylish, flexible and fitted perfectly at the most cost-effective prices you’ll find anywhere

bi-fold doors

Quality uPVC and Aluminium Bi-fold Doors. Versatile, space-saving doors which allow you to bring the outside in and add a real WOW! factor to your home.

The outstanding Dessian range of bi-fold doors combines the desirability and durability of aluminium with unparalleled insulation.

High-security bi-fold doors allow you to enjoy unrestricted panoramic views of your garden, terrace, conservatory or patio.

bi-fold door imageEnviro offers a wide range of standard uPVC Bi-fold doors and the beautiful aluminium Dessian Permaglide range.

By installing these superb sliding and folding doors you can open up a whole wall of your home, giving you a beautiful, energy-efficient and stylish way to upgrade your home.

Triple Glazed Bi-Fold Doors

We can now offer our state-of-the-art Bi-Fold Doors with 0.8U-Value triple glazing so they’re now even more energy-efficient and even better at keeping out external noise. Call us now for a no-obligation, no pressure selling free quotation.

Dessian Permaglide at Enviro

The fantastic Permaglide range of aluminium doors solves the one problem that aluminium doors have. Aluminium is a brilliant building material as it’s lightweight, has a low profile, is very strong and resists corrosion but it is a good conductor of heat and as a result can let out heat, resulting in higher heat loss than uPVC.

Design bi-fold doorsDessian’s full-width thermal core maximises the use of low conductive material and work brilliantly at keeping out the cold. You get the sleek look of aluminium along with outstanding energy efficiency. Permaglide doors are available with either double or triple glazing too.

The aluminium frame is incredibly strong and secure and the doors (or sashes) can be made in many different combinations. You can specify any opening door combination you like. The doors can be stacked open to one side or split and stacked to both sides. You can even have one panel opening like a conventional door or two panels opening like French doors. Most people like to have a single opening door (a traffic door) that they use regularly as a standard door allowing them to leave the opening sashes in place until they want the entire door opened up.

Incredibly stylish and flexible, our Permaglide range features include:

• Aluminium construction, very low maintenance, no painting, no warping, so shrinking
• High-security locking system with full Secure by Design certification
• The option of inward and outward opening doors
• Extremely efficient with high-performance glass fitted as standard
• Low thresholds for easy access and low profile for minimum frame size and maximum glass area

Enviro are experienced Dessian door system installers and offer excellent value for money prices. Give us a call and see what we can do for you.

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bi-fold doors
3 years interest free credit offer

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